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The Tea & Chocolate Place

Where you can enjoy tea or hot chocolate along with traditional snacks while appreciating the beautiful sunset.

The Tea & Chocolate Place is not a traditional cafe or restaurant, but a place where natural herbal products grown at the 2012 Copan Botanic Research Station are processed in the steepest and most eroded hills in the area. From the terrace you will be able to observe the grave realities facing the Mayan world, such as soil degradation and erosion, as well as appreciate the innovative methods that are being used to regenerate the landscape.

The Tea & Chocolate Place provides a unique experience fostering a positive and healthy attitude for all who visit Copán – a bridge between the past and a better future. We offer you a variety of teas (loose and in individual bags) that you will love. In our tea blends we only use sustainably grown fruits and plants at the 2012 Copan Botanical Research Station that are fresh enough to eat.

Visit us and see our growing selection of sustainably grown products without artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

Hours: Monday – Saturday from 4:00PM – 6:00PM

Enjoy a FREE cup of tea.

Try our famous HOT CHOCOLATE made from ground cocoa beans.

Breath-taking views of the sunset

An ideal place to get to know locals and foreign visitors from around the world

Appetizers and drinks 100% organic and homemade

Art Gallery and MORE…….

Please call ahead of time to book a reservation for a group (10+ people) outside of regular hours.

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 Phone:+(504) 2651-4087