The Artisan’s Boutique

The Artisan’s Boutique

The Artisan’s Boutique offers crafts of the highest quality prepared by our own artisans!

It is one of the stores that best promotes Honduran crafts. With a focus on the development and sale of new products, we work with artisans based on the suggestions of our visitors.

Our history began more than 10 years ago when we opened our first store inspired to offer the best of the national craftsmanship in a single location. My husband and I toured several cities in Honduras looking for artisans that offered the best quality products, as well as the flexibility of adapting their art to customer desires and demand through a facilitated, collaborative process.

Currently, our designs and products have evolved to offer a selection high quality Central American crafts.

At The Artisan’s Boutique we are proud to offer our clients elegant and unique products from the land of the Mayans.

Honduras produces beautiful crafts such as: aromatic candles, Lenca pottery and jewelry, silver and jade jewelry, decorative art in Pewter, stone carvings, bone carvings, wood carvings, pine baskets, mats, Tule accessories, Lenca and Chorti textiles, T-shirts, glass jewelry and decor, handmade shoes, iron accessories, and wellness products. Our artisans are organized in cooperatives and microenterprises. All this and more can be found at THE ARTISAN’S BOUTIQUE!

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Phone: +504-2651-3511