Maya Copán Shows

Maya Copán Shows

We are a dramatic and visual art company in Copan Ruinas.

Focused on the rescue of the Mayan culture as well as economic promotion, our theatrical presentation relates scenic art and performance through which stories of the Mayan civilization are represented. The performance uses a combination of speech, gestures, scenery, music and sounds, all of which together create a show worthy of admiration.  Due to the nature of the scenery, each presentation can be moved to any location that our customers require.

Our artistic cast is composed of members of the Maya Chorti communities descended from those who once lived in Copán. Through these activities, we are actively integrating of our communities that for many years were forgotten in order to give continuity to our cultural identity. The costumes were created according to suggestions from experts in iconography and are made with local materials so to represent with dignity and pride what this great civilization was and its legacy. The scripts of the presentations were written taking into account information that local archaeologists provided through rigorous investigation.

Copan’s Rebirth:

This work is based on the narration of the first time Kinich Yax Kuk Mo Bat, Copán’s founder and first ruler, came to these lands.

The Rite of Fire and Rite of the New Fire:

These rites are based on the celebration of important and relevant dates in our life as well as special dates in the Mayan calendar.

The Rain Dance:

Based on the festivities that the Mayans carried out in order to ask their god for rain for crops and plentiful corn harvest.

The Dance of the Deer

A ritual dance performed by the Mayan Indians for a successful deer hunt.

Visión al Pasado Maya / Vision to the Maya Past:

This presentation is based on the narration of a Shaman, a character interpreted by the current shaman who today continues to perform his rites in Maya Chorti communities, detailing the history of his civilization. Other actors interpret as the shaman narrates.

The Ball of Fire Game (kaj’Te’)

These games were adopted by the Mayans and related on the famous murals of Teotihuacán. They tell us a wonderful story of a game where sticks and balls of fire were the instruments of practice in this millenary sport where ritual and spectacle were combined to pay tribute to the sun god on his trip across the sky.

Ancestral Mayan Ball Game:

Based on the Copán variation of the sport and recreated by Copan’s Maya Chortí communities.

Maya Village or Villa Maya:

This recreation of a Mayan village allows you to experience the way of life of the Mayan people during the height of their civilization.

Creation of Maya Scenery

This service is provided for all organizations and institutions that are planning events with the theme of Mayan culture. Ask us for all the options that can be tailored to your event.

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