Macaw Mountain Bird Park

Macaw Mountain Bird Park

The Bird Park and Macaw Mountain Nature Reserve await you with 181 birds native to Honduras and Central America, as well as some South American species.

This colorful ecological park is situated in a small canyon formed by the Caka-guatales ravine.

Its crystalline waters, the exuberant and centenary vegetation, and the coffee farm that operates on site contribute to give the reserve a unique natural air.

The park includes an outdoor information center where you can interact with some of the birds, take pictures with them, and observe them more closely.

Located 2 kilometers from the soccer field at the entrance of Copán Ruinas, on the road leading to Agua Caliente.

Hours: Daily from 8:00AM – 5:00PM


Adults and children age 11 and older: $ 10.00 (USD) /  L 240.00 (HNL) / Q 96.00 (QTG)

Children 4-10 Year: US$5.00 (USD) /  Lps 120.00 (HNL) / Q 96.00 (QGT)

Hours 8: 00- 4:00 PM

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Phone: +504 – 2651-4245