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Los Sapos “The Toads”

Los Sapos “The Toads”.

Los Sapos is the popular name of the site, more properly known as the “place of birth”.

In a few hills on the other bank of the Copan River, in a very small place from where you can see the whole valley, you will find the Archaeological Site of Los Sapos. There are many sculpted rocks in shapes of toads that you will encounter after a 45-minute walk or short horseback ride from the center of Copán Ruinas.

Archaeologists have interpreted this to be the oldest labor and delivery room known in Honduras, since this is where the Mayan women of Copán gave birth to their children. Undoubtedly the view of the Valley and the Main Acropolis that the newborns once experienced is a must-see for visitors.

The site is inside the private estate of Hacienda San Lucas, and there is a small entrance fee. The old main house of the estate was fully adapted to be able to offer more amenities including a restaurant and hotel rooms for visitors. In addition, nature trails are available and open to the public.

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