How to get to Copan

We can get to Copan from several points, where you can find the right transport to your needs that will take you to discover this wonderful world of the Mayans. Within the main destinations to get to Copán, you can do it from:

From Guatemala

You can take a bus from Antigua Guatemala or from the capital city, to Copan, there are 2 transport companies, HEDMAN ALAS and CAT with a distance of approximately 240 km, which are done in 5 hours from the capital of Guatemala and 6 from Antigua Guatemala.

From El Salvador

There is currently no company that travels directly from El Salvador to Copan, there are two routes, by the El Poy border that will enter through the Department of Ocotepeque and the border of Anguiatu, border with Guatemala and then go to the border crossing of El Florido

From Roatan

There are 2 routes, a maritime ferry that will reach the city of La Ceiba and then by bus to the city of San Pedro Sula and another direct air route to San Pedro Sula, from there you can move either by bus or vehicle to the city of Copan Ruinas.

How to get from Antigua Guatemala

How to get from El Salvador on the border The POY

How to get to Copan from El Salvador via Guatemala

How to get there from Roatan

There are 2 routes, one is coming to La Ceiba via Ferry and the other is flying directly to San Pedro Sula, to continue towards Copan