Café Welchez

Café Welchez

Come and enjoy the best coffee in western Honduras and the unique desserts that only Café Welchez has to offer.

Located just outside the Hotel Marina Copán, on the opposite corner of Central Park, you will find Café Welchez, an ideal place to spend time with friends and enjoy food, such as a natural fruit smoothie, sweet dessert, or a beautifully decorated cappuccino.

Copán and the rest of western Honduras is home to the best Honduran baristas, who will delight your senses with their latte art and unparalleled taste of a perfectly roasted coffee bean.

The Coffee of Western Honduras is the first region to obtain a Certificate of Origin in the country. Welchez coffee is one of the final products harvested at heights from 900 to 1300 meters in the nearby Finca Santa Isabel allowing a high quality finish. Moreover, Finca Santa Isabel contributes to a habitable environment for birds, that allow for a healthier and more flavorful coffee bean.

Where we are located

Find us on the corner of Hotel Marina Copán in front of the central park in Copan Ruinas.

Contact us:

Phone: +504 2651-4070