Banco de Occidente

Banco de Occidente

Supporting the individual today, we make the business of tomorrow

Banco de Occidente SA, was established in 1951 in the city of Santa Rosa de Copán, thanks to a group of futuristic citizens who saw the need to have a banking institution in the western part of Honduras. Providing economic and financial support, the bank became in an entity that promoted the economic and social development of a rich, productive region of Honduras.

Its expansion to other places in the country began in 1970 with the opening of the San Pedro Sula branch. Banco de Occidente currently has a presence in almost all the departments of the country; with 9 branches and 162 offices, Banco de Occidente generates jobs and meets the banking needs in each of the communities that it serves.

Even though its staff has grown and its furniture and equipment have been updated, Banco de Occidente wishes to preserve its spirit of a typical city in the interior of Honduras. Through collaboration and service to its customers, friends and community, Banco de Occidente has become a force of economic and social development wherever it arrives.

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